Audition Monologue Choices

Please choose the monologue that best represents the part for which you are auditioning.

Donna: “Cool with it?” You don’t know my daughter. This would be like a bombshell. And I don’t want that. I don’t know where they are. I don’t know why they are here. And I have brought this all on myself because I was stupid and reckless!

Sophie: Call…call off the wedding? What?! No! No. No, that’s what you want? You Just….You have no idea. You never had a wedding. You never did the marriage-and-babies thing. You just did the baby thing. Well good for you. Because I….I love Sky, and I want to be with him! And I don’t want my children growing up not knowing who their father is because…it’s just…I don’t want it.

Sam: I see that, but she’s so young. I mean, does she know what she really wants? You see, I think part of her just wants to let you know that she isn’t going to leave you alone here, on your own. Donna, look, I have two grown children. I know something about letting go.

Bill or Harry: No, no I borrowed it. Look. “D.S.” Donna Sheridan and “H.B.” Head Banger. I bought her this. It cost me ten quid plus my Johnny rotten Tshirt. Your mother knew quite a rebel. I was studying in Paris when I met her. I hopped on a train and followed her to Greece, quite spontaneously…

Sky: Hold on, hold on. You invited these guys and you didn’t tell me? Sophie? Is that what this whole big white wedding is about? You finding your dad? I wanted to take a boat to the mainland with a couple of witnesses. And you insisted on this circus so you can play Happy Family?

Tanya or Rosie: The bride’s father usually pays…though my dad drew the line at my third. There I’d be, in my cupcake dress, all ready to trip down the aisle, and he’d whisper his words of advice – “Don’t worry, doll, I know a good lawyer!” All right, let’s see what you’re wearing to the wedding. You’re joking! Are you making some sort of statement on the tyranny of wedlock?